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How do you lock in the best professional to guard your business? Whether you are replacing keys or locks, installing a brand new access control system, or repairing hardware listed below are 10 tips to consider that ensures you secure the very best commercial locksmith near your establishment.

1. Verify The Locksmith Is Actually Who They Say They’re

Don’t get scammed by contacting a call center that pretends to become local, but really sells your information to the highest bidder. They place an ad online utilizing a fake local address along with a bogus local contact number that rings a contact center from God knows where.

They either don’t mention the name of their company, because they don’t know which company will buy their lead yet (yes, you the business, is considered a lead), or they mention the name of these company, but an unmarked van comes up pretending to be whatever company they bought your details from.

2. Ensure The Locksmith Is Commercial

There’s a considertheble difference between commercial and residential locksmiths. Businesses generally require higher security, can be more complex and may be subject to certain legal regulations. Some locksmiths do both residential and commercial (as well as automotive, which involves yet another set of competencies) and some specialize.

In any event, check that the locksmith has commercial expertise and experience.

3. Make Sure They Can Service Your Particular Business Property

Commercial locksmiths work on a variety of properties-office complexes, retail stores, warehouses, shopping centers, apartments/condominiums, hotels/motels, government and university buildings and the like.

Make sure your local commercial locksmith has experience with your particular business property and is familiar with your unique needs.

4. List Your Needs

Write a list of exactly what your needs are, not only in terms of your current security concerns, but also in the future such as a planned facility expansion. Determine whether the commercial locksmith has the products and the capabilities to satisfy both existing and impending requirements.

For example, some companies may be able to rekey all your entryways, but don’t have the latest knowledge of high tech systems designed for highly secure locations.

5. What Can They Do In An Emergency?

An employee gets locked out, or there’s been a break-in and a lock needs to be changed immediately during off-business hours. Does the commercial locksmith have the resources to respond to your emergency needs in a timely way?

If not, can you afford to wait around until help eventually arrives? Or worse, do you want to be in the position where you’ll have scurry around to find another company near you to help when you never used them before or had time to properly check them out.

6. Assess Their Reputation

How long has the commercial locksmith been in business? What other clients do they have and would they be able to provide any testimonials or references? Make sure you check the locksmith’s online reviews as well.

7. What Brands Do They Carry?

It’s true that many off-brands have the same quality and reliability as more recognizable brands, and are worthy of consideration in any application. That said, a commercial locksmith that demonstrates the experience, the training as well as the reliability to transport big brand names also bring those same qualities to serve your organization.

8. Get Proof Of License And Insurance

Commercial locksmiths are required by state regulation to become licensed and insured. Ask to see proof both in fact it is for your state. You want to be sure anyone working on your property is properly certified and insured to safeguard your company and your property in case there is a car accident or other mishap occurs.

Just the fact that they are licensed is an indication they’re trustworthy and professional because the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) governs the licensees. Also, the Illinois Locksmith Act of 2004 takes a certain amount of training and criminal background checks to be able to earn their license.

9. Get a Written Estimate

Get a written quote of what kind of work that commercial locksmith intends to provide and with what products. The estimate should include such things as the fee for something call, labor, cost of parts, emergency service charges along with other additional fees that might be charged. All reputable locksmiths do that as par for your course.

10. Don’t Put Off Securing A SPECIALIST Locksmith

Properly securing your property is essential to protecting your business assets. Yet way too many companies put this off as something to obtain around to, as opposed to a priority action item. The time to evaluate what locks and systems you need-whether upgrades or replacements or new installations-is before an unauthorized entry occurs, not after.

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